Using the standard subscription of SUICARDS; You can share your information with the QR code that appears once you open the application. Also you can share your profile with your new contact quickly with our stylish NFC-enabled cards that will carry you to the next level in the corporate life;

Suicards Standard membership allows your phone number to be saved on your new contact's phone and social media accounts related to your business or personal accounts that you have added to your profile page are shared with them as you want. Your new contacts can reach them by clicking the links of your your social media accounts that you have shared on your digital business card profile at the same time if they want, they can follow you on social media quickly. Thanks to the language support, your business card in any language is just a click away.


Plus membership of SUICARDS gives you the feature of carrying 250 MB files and documents with the features of standard membership. Now, I will e-mail the documents to you later sentence is out of date;

Thanks to Plus membership, you can now have a sales price list, brochures about your products, tax ID cards, flyers with detailed features of your new products, certificates, about us section, product catalogs, etc. You don't have to carry it. You can store all these in SUICARDS Plus content, and quickly share all the documents you want to share when you first meet your new contact.

As with the standard subscription, you can quickly share your documents with your new contact with your QR code, NFC card or QR code on your NFC card, if you wish.

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